About us

Henceforward (Pty) Limited

Henceforward (Pty) Limited is independently owned and managed by Steven Hall and Carl-Peter Lehmann. They both are both directors and members of the board and serve on the Henceforward Investment Committee. Frustrated by the limitations and bureaucracy working for large institutions, they decided to start their own firm.

The name ‘Henceforward’ is an idea that expresses the beginning of a new way of doing things and outlook on life – the opportunity to redefine your relationship with money and your wealth from this day forward.

Steven and Carl-Peter have a friendship that dates back almost 40 years since their first year of school. The trust they share is implicit. Not only has their friendship endured school, university and overseas travel together; they share a spirit of adventure and like to seek out new challenges – which has led them to competing in events like Ironman and the Comrades Ultra Marathon together.


Ultimately, they both believe money is simply a tool to living your best life and providing you with the freedom and ability to spend more time doing what you love, with the people you most care about.

Steven and Carl-Peter each have over 20 years’ financial industry experience and both studied business management at Stellenbosch University. They are also committed to maintaining the highest professional standards and ethics in the industry – reflected in their achieving the globally recognised CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ designation.

Henceforward has chosen to partner with Graviton (a wholly owned subsidiary of Sanlam) who provide the institutional backing and infrastructure to ensure client assets are safeguarded and the most stringent ethical and compliance functions are adhered to.

Graviton also provides access to institutional expertise and research across a variety of disciplines to ensure best of class support via subject matter experts is always available where needed

Their career histories are complementary. Steven spent almost 18 years at Private Wealth Management in Cape Town, a private client division of Old Mutual, building a thriving financial planning practice helping families, business owners and professionals achieve their goals and navigate the complexities of their respective financial journeys; before he founded Henceforward. He is passionate about helping his clients reach their financial goals and being their guide along every step of the way. 

Steven loves spending time with his family when he’s not training for his next endurance event, with mountain biking being his current passion. Amongst his biggest achievements are having completed Ironman and the Comrades Ultra Marathon and using all his negotiation skills to convince Carl-Peter to do them with him as well. He can also regularly be seen on the start line of the Double Century Cycle Race.

His biggest ‘superpower’ when working with clients is using metaphors and analogies to make complicated financial topics easily understood.

Carl-Peter has spent most of the past 20 years working across sector verticals in the financial industry that include Private Banking, Wealth and Asset Management in locations across the globe, including London, Hong Kong and the Channel Islands. His passion extends to understanding financial markets, the global geopolitical landscape and the implications for investments and asset classes – helping his clients optimize their investment strategies in an era of digital transformation, disruption, innovation and geopolitical uncertainty.

He loves being in the mountains and the peace and serenity of being in nature. He has done a few ultra and endurance events but these days prefers shorter trail runs or unrushed hikes with his dogs. He is also a sports lover and avid reader so lazy Sundays at home with great coffee, a good book, or sports to catch up on are when he is happiest.

Carl-Peter’s ‘superpower’ is imagining how a confluence of changing trends will impact our lives as new behaviours, technologies and ideologies meet.

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