Welcome to Henceforward

Henceforward is a wealth management advisory firm in Cape Town that was born out of the idea of wanting to do things differently – offering individuals and families a sophisticated and highly personalised service.

The Henceforward model is designed to deliver what our clients need – a clear view of their wealth; a dynamic planning process that adapts to changes in life’s circumstances – and a fee structure that is fair, transparent and based on the value added – not on how much money our clients have, or assets they own.

We help our clients prioritise and focus on what really matters. We understand that more money or wealth is rarely the goal – rather that money is simply a tool to give us the freedom to choose and live life on our terms. And doing things that really matter!

Henceforward Wealth Management Cape Town
Henceforward Financial Planning Philosophy
Our Philosophy

Henceforward is built on the philosophy that money is simply a tool to enable us to live our lives in the way we choose. It’s about giving money and wealth purpose, having the freedom to choose, and living life on our terms – while obtaining the most precious thing of all … time. Time to spend doing the things that matter. Time with loved ones. But life can get busy and complicated – so sometimes we need a helping hand to navigate that journey and to have a partner who can guide and support us along the way

Simplifying Complicated Financial Matters

Giving Money Purpose

Living Life on
Your Terms



These are a sample of what some of our services entail

Defining Your Financial Blueprint

Understanding you, your goals, your fears and mapping out your strategy.
Money and Finance

Cashflow Planning and Balance Sheet Management

Assessing your income, expenditure, assets and liabilities to optimize and build your net worth

Protecting Family, Income and Assets

Providing peace of mind for the unforeseen with correct levels of protection in place

Retirement and Financial Independence (Pre-and Post)

Create the framework for retirement and financial security, using models and all the tools available

Portfolio Management and Investment Planning

Optimize your portfolio and investment plan locally and offshore
tax optimisation strategies

Tax Planning and Optimization

Utilize tax efficient strategies and tools to minimize tax burden and create efficiency
Money and Finance

Estate Planning

Comprehensive estate planning and analysis making sure everything is in place and all contingencies catered for

Business Continuity and Succession

Allowing business owners the scope for seamless succession and a viable exit plan.
Financial Planning

Life Happens and Special Situations

Life happens. Things change. Marriage, kids, divorce, receiving a windfall, starting a business, taking a sabbatical.

Intergenerational Wealth and Legacy Planning

Working with the family and heirs to allow for a meaningful and impactful legacy
Who We Work With

We work with individuals and businesses who are ready to adopt a new approach. Who look at life differently. They might be at different life stages with different needs – but they share our philosophy about money – that money is simply a tool to enable us to live life on our terms, giving us the freedom to choose, and ultimately to give wealth purpose.

Family Office

We work with families and business owners concerned with leaving a legacy and being able to pass on wealth to heirs and future generations responsibly and effectively. Wealth preservation and structuring your assets optimally to secure your legacy are now your primary objective.

Henceforward Family Office Wealth Management Cape Town
Henceforward Millennial Clients

Professional Millennials

Professional millennials and entrepreneurs we’re talking to you … we love labels (not really). It’s less about age and more about attitude. You could be 25 or 45. This is aimed at professionals and entrepreneurs who want to create their own script


The biggest fear and danger you face at retirement is outliving capital. You’ve worked hard your entire life and now we help you navigate that next stage of life where you leave the comfort and security of a career and secure income behind ….
Henceforward Financial Planning for Retirees
What Makes Us Different

We believe that the existing remuneration model that governs our industry is outdated. It’s all about chasing assets under management and then charging a ‘fee’ tied to the value of those assets, which has no direct correlation to the quality of advice or level of service provided. That also means quality and specialised advice is only accessible to a few.

This form of remuneration also creates inherent conflicts of interest because unless there is a sale of a financial product or investment that can incur a ‘fee’ or commission, it typically won’t be discussed, assessed, or recommended. We want to discuss your entire balance sheet and how that serves you, not just the areas we can make money from.

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The Henceforward approach adopts a simple service led fee model, determined at the outset of the relationship – and which directly correlates to the level of service and advice provided. We aim to provide an unbiased and impartial relationship driven approach whereby we always act in your best interests and do what’s right for you, without any conflicts of interest.

Investing for Success

Achieving the outcomes important to you and that will enable your desired lifestyle – depend largely on being able to invest successfully. Retirement, financial independence, growing your balance sheet, leaving a legacy, child education funding – all depend on having a successful investment strategy tied to achieving those outcomes.

There is so much information out there around what constitutes a ‘good’ investment. And everyone has an opinion. Professionals, the media, friends, family. And often those opinions are diametrically opposed.

One person will say it’s a great investment, and other person will say the opposite. Two economists might have totally different views on where things are heading. What approach or style should you use – passive against active, value vs. growth, time in the markets vs. timing markets, local vs. offshore …?

Getting back to basics and understanding the key principles that are foundational in designing a successful investment strategy mean you can avoid the pitfalls many people make that end up railroading them and destroying capital unnecessarily.  

The 8 Deadly Investment Sins … was created to empower you to make better decisions, so that the next time you design an investment strategy, or if you’re reviewing what you should do about your existing investment (s) – you will have a powerful guide and framework to help you. Click on the image to get your free copy.

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