What Makes Us Different

We believe that the existing remuneration model that governs our industry is outdated. It’s all about chasing assets under management and then charging a ‘fee’ tied to the value of those assets, which has no direct correlation to the quality of advice or level of service provided. That also means quality and specialised advice is only accessible to a few.

This form of remuneration also creates inherent conflicts of interest because unless there is a sale of a financial product or investment that can incur a ‘fee’ or commission, it typically won’t be discussed, assessed, or recommended. We want to discuss your entire balance sheet and how that serves you, not just the areas we can make money from.

Henceforward aims to adopt a radical but fair approach that provides real value. Our relationships are with our clients, not with their money.

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The Henceforward approach adopts a simple service led fee model, determined at the outset of the relationship – and which directly correlates to the level of service and advice provided.

We aim to provide an unbiased and impartial relationship driven model whereby we always act in your best interests and do what’s right for you, without any conflicts of interest.

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