Investment Principles for Success - The 8 Deadly Investment Sins (and how to avoid them)

Achieving the financial and lifestyle outcomes that are important to you, are dependent on having an investment strategy that serve you and enable you to achieve financial security (whatever that might look like to you) for yourself and those you care most about.

But investing is complex – and knowing where to start and who to trust isn’t always straightforward because the industry is still designed around the sale of financial and investment products to generate fees and commissions for the people that create and sell them. So impartial advice that is in your best interests can be hard to find.

And then trying to make sense of all the commentary from the media and pundits because news needs to be generated and everyone loves a headline (that amplifies the bad) makes things even more confusing. But investing at its essence shouldn’t be complicated (which all the greatest and most famous investors of our time agree on) – and whether you’re investing for retirement, investing money offshore, or have some money saved you want to put to work, the same fundamental principles apply. 

The 8 Deadly Investment Sins was designed to help you become a better investor and avoid the mistakes many people make that destroy capital (through poor decision making), create anxiety and lead to poor investment results. In it we share with you the following:

• The importance and confusion around real returns (Pg. 3)
• The damaging effects of the Inflation Illusion (Pg. 4)
• The two most important ingredients to being a successful investor (Pg. 6)
• Dealing with tough times and bear markets (Pg. 8)
• The difference between trading and investing (Pg. 9)
• Analysing the performance of the US Stock market since 1977 and what the means for your investments (Pg. 10)
• Using the basic mathematics of investment success to achieve life-changing returns (Pg. 12)
• When to speculate and how to invest for ‘moon-shots’ (Pg. 15)
• What we think of Bitcoin (Pg. 15)
The story of Amazon and how it created life-changing returns (Pg. 16)
Making friends with (rather than fearing) volatility (Pg. 18)
• The risk of being out of the market at the wrong time (Pg. 20)
• Understanding a funnel of returns and what that can mean for your investment strategy (Pg. 21)
How fees destroy investment returns so you can make smarter decisions when designing your portfolio (Pg. 22)
• Why so many investors achieve sub-standard returns and how to avoid that. (Pg. 25)

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